How do we say farewell to those whom we love? By creating a meaningful and heartfelt funeral which will celebrate their lives, we will work together to tell the story and be able to honor our loved ones.  Graveside services available, as well as the memorial services.

“This evening I attended the memorial for H. Even at this difficult time, his widow, P., spoke at length and with much passion on how beautiful today’s service was.  She was truly moved by Jan’s visit to her home and visit with the family last evening.  Jan’s spirit and presence made an immeasurable impression on the whole family.  Honestly, she was so grateful and said that she could not impress that message upon me enough…The opportunity to reach someone in such a time of need is rare – we may help with a temporary physical need, but to really help heal someone’s soul is a rare gift. Jan made such a gift to P., with her gift of spirit.”   – B.R.


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